April TBR and Readathon Sign-up

I finished four books in March, which is huge as I only read one book in January/February. I think I have a bit of my reading mojo back and I ready to read.

I’ve assembled a stack of books for April:

On April’s Audio TBR:


April’s Poetry Collection:


Fiction on the TBR pile:

This TBR does not include my books for Dewey’s 24-Hour Readathon. Readathon is happening on 04/29 and I’m participating as much as my schedule allows that day. I plan on stocking that pile with plenty of graphic novels. Shoot me your graphic novel recommendations!


2 thoughts on “April TBR and Readathon Sign-up

  1. Susan in TX says:

    Love that TBR. I’ve actually read 3/6 of your fiction picks and enjoyed them all (Enchanted April, Commonwealth, and My Cousin Rachel). I’m sad to not be able to participate in Dewey Readathon this time around. We’ve got family commitments, which just means I’ll have to “binge read” before and after. πŸ˜‰
    Happy reading to you!


  2. kmaybach says:

    I borrowed a digital copy of Commonwealth twice and on this third time of borrowing, I have to finish it! I love that my library offers Overdrive but for some reason, all my holds are released within days of each other and I end up reading like the crazy person I was in college!


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