Shout-outs: WreckingBallDesign

When I started graduate school in January, I accepted that I would never have any time to read anything other than a textbook or academic article. That was true until I lost my mind sometime the end of January. Reading is important. Even if I only manage picking up a book a few times a week, it still does wonders for my mental health.

I find I have to be very intentional with my reading time. It means picking up a book while the kids are watching TV or riding bikes or putting my bloody phone down and picking up a book instead. To encourage myself to spend time reading instead of frittering around on Facebook, I purchased some awesome stickers from WreckingBallDesign.

WreckingBallDesign is the creative brain child of Andi. Andi is a dear friend, blogger, professor, mother, and activist. She also makes some bitchin stickers.

Andi was kind enough to do a custom sheet of her small open book stickers and I put those in my planner for marking those small nuggets of time when I could be reading. She also has some super cute reading stickers, library day stickers, book started/finished stickers, and ratings stickers for completed books.

These adorable stickers brighten my planner and help me remember to put down my phone and read! Plus there is a pretty awesome 24-hour Readathon sticker kit that would be super awesome for the end of the month!




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