Howdy, Strangers

I haven’t blogged in over two weeks and I laughed when I looked at my last post. Oh the plans for readalongs. I was so clueless. Why did I not realize that the combo of a full-time job and graduate school courses would work together to crush my reading dreams!?
 wtf crying rebel wilson melissa mccarthy laughing gif GIFAnyhoo, this semester is tough. My courses contain 15 weeks worth of content smooshed into an 11 week class (intro to reference) and 7 weeks (rare book librarianship).

I did manage to finish one book; Let Me Tell You by Shirley Jackson. It was good, but certainly drafts of Jackson’s writing. It lacked the punchy polish of her other works, but I’m so glad I read it.

The only other exciting thing to report on is that last week I saw Roxane Gay speak and bought her new memoir, Hunger. She signed it for me and I was a total dork and could think of nothing meaningful or witty to say. I was starstruck.

When I’m not doing homework I’m working on a new bullet journal and reading Harry Potter. It is all my brain can handle. I’ve assured myself that July will be better. Leave me with my delusions.


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