F&T Facebook Contest

Eons ago, when I was still “lifestyle” blogging and less focused on books, Fig and Thistle had a Facebook page. I could never figure out exactly what I wanted to do with the Facebook page. My personal page is filled with political rants and my personal life; stuff I’m trying to keep at least semi-private. So what in the hellfire do I put on Fig and Thistle? Do I just re-post bookishness? Do I need to develop a content schedule for that as well? What’s a busy mom/grad-student/library-lady nerd to do?

Whelp, I’ve hit on something. I’ve toyed with starting a vlog, but I know that if I start a vlog on YouTube I will want to do it the “right way” and that means tons of time, planning, and fooling with editing software (perfectionism sucks, btw). I’ve decided to restart the Fig and Thistle Books Facebook page to do weekly Facebook live videos. Think mini-reviews, TBR piles, hauls, and the like.

If you’d like to hear/see me awkwardly talk about books on a Facebook page then please like the Fig and Thistle Facebook page.

Let’s sweeten the deal. If I hit 250 likes by August 15th and I’ll do a drawing for a bookish prize box that will contain some of my top bookish picks. I’ll open this contest up internationally, but international winners will win a gift of comparable value from the Book Depository.

You can like my FB page over there >>>> in the side bar, or simply click here.



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