Book Nerd Summer Camp!

On Friday I did my first Fig and Thistle Books Facebook Live video (BTW, like my F&T Facebook page and be entered into a bookish prize drawing). I talked about my overly ambitious July TBR and I mentioned an exciting event happening this week. BOOK NERD SUMMER CAMP!!!

burning calories

This upcoming Thursday my good friend Shannon is picking me up and we are headed to Tennessee for a Book Nerd Summer Camp. Shannon isn’t a blogger – but is a total book nerd – but the other bookish pals meeting us up there are bloggers (AndiHeather, Carrie, and Katie). We have a cabin on the side of a mountain for several days. We have plans to read and write during the day and then in the evening we’ll explore the city for delicious food, coffee, and plenty of book shopping.


I’m ridiculously excited. Work is INSANE and I’m trying to finish multiple projects before vacation starts. I’m also in the last two weeks of my summer semester and I have two monstrous projects to chip away at before I leave.

Tonight my brain is too pudding like to attempt school projects. I’m off to draft up my packing list and maybe make a book list of titles to find at all the shops we’ll be visiting.


Ridiculously excited!


One thought on “Book Nerd Summer Camp!

  1. Amanda says:

    I can’t wait to hear all about this and I’m so bummed I couldn’t make it. I hope by the time the next one starts, I’ll be in better financial shape, not to mention I’ll have settled into a real home again, heh.

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