Scribbles: 30 July 2017


Weather: 83 degrees and partly cloudy.

Location: Starbucks. Sipping on an iced coconut milk mocha macchiato.

Reading: I’m still digesting Roxane Gay’s Hunger (pun intended) and I haven’t been able to focus on any other books. I think I’ll be digging into The Hate U Give next.

Listening: The new Arcade Fire album Everything Now is my jam. I’m especially digging the track “Electric Blue.”

Cooking: I’ve pulled out all my cookbooks. I love cooking and I appreciate eating delicious and healthy meals. I have to figure out what to do when my schoolwork is back in session. I think I’m going to have to accept the need for weekly food prep.

Blogging: I made an editorial calendar for my blog in Trello. I’m hoping to blog regularly, but I always say that and then life happens. This week I plan on posting an August TBR and writing a review of Hunger.

Work: My new job title started on July 1st. I’m now the Resource Sharing and Library Communications Specialist. I’m working on several projects right to prep for the new academic year. Lots to do before faculty and students get back on campus in mid-August.

School: Wrapped up my summer semester and final grades should be issued August 1st. This summer I took a course on basic reference and another on rare book librarianship. Since I started graduate school in January, I’ve taken two classes a semester. Due to some personnel changes happening at my library next year, I’ve decided to move to taking three classes a semester to graduate by August 2018. Yikes. On 8/14 I’ll be taking Collection Development, History of Libraries and Literacy, and Library Marketing. Wish me luck!

Plans for the night: I’m making something simple for dinner and then I’m going to flip through more cookbooks for food inspiration. Maybe reading. Possibly writing that book review. Weekly face mask and vlog watching. #lazy

Plans for this week: Tomorrow morning I’m taking Hope back to school shopping. On Tuesday I’m taking the little kids back to school shopping. On Wednesday I’m back at work, Hope starts her senior year of high school, and Atticus begins first grade. Persy Jane starts PreK next week. I’m looking forward to Saturday when I get to see my good friend Catherine. Lots of good stuff happening.

Hope you all have an awesome week! 



3 thoughts on “Scribbles: 30 July 2017

  1. Leonie says:

    Wow you are amazing !
    You fit on so much , compared to you i feel like i am floundering through life xx
    I am sure you will be a great success with your studies family every thing and of course writing !!! Cheers Leonie


  2. Andi (@estellasrevenge) says:

    I hope you’ll write your thoughts on Hunger if you feel so moved. I meant to right after the trip, but you know how that goes. I still have lots of feeeeeelings about it. And yes! I see that you’re planning to post a review. HIGH FIVE!

    Jealous! I want to read The Hate U Give!

    I’m totally checking out Trello. Already signed up. I need a thing to motivate me.

    I LOVE your new job title. So swank. So you.

    Sending you all the love and good vibes for an increased grad school work load.

    I can’t even believe Hope is a senior. WTF.


  3. Susan in TX says:

    Can’t believe Hope is going to be a senior! I loved The Hate U Give and will be looking forward to your thoughts on Hunger (which I have not read). Wishing you much luck and success this semester. You are amazing!


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