100 Days Journal

Jotting down a few prompts. I have about 88 prompts to make room for new inspiration and ideas.

My good friend Adam over at Roof Beam Reader has been on a mission to journal for 100 days in a row. Over a week ago I Tweeted that I wanted to participate and make reflective writing more of a daily part of my life and then didn’t do a durn thing about it. I’ve been waylaid by a sore throat virus that has left me pretty tired and not feeling like writing, but today I’m feeling better and I plan to begin.

One of the things I did while I was laid up in bed with the sniffles and a sore throat was to think of some writing prompts. Often when I journal I spend time writing an update on my life in general or ranting or making lists. All of this is fine for journaling, but I wanted to practice with some other types of writing and try to be more inward facing as opposed to “omg look at all the life stuff happening.” I gathered many of these prompts from Pinterest and then was inspired to create a few of my own.

Much like Adam, I plan on doing periodic check-ins and charting my progress on social media (IG, Twitter) with the hashtag #100daysjournal. My start date is today, 3/13/2019, and my end date will be 6/21/2019. Let’s hope this challenge will allow me to make reflective writing more of a habit and part of my daily routine.


2 thoughts on “100 Days Journal

  1. Bryan G. Robinson says:

    I always want to do this, journal, really, journal, not just a jotted sentence or phrase at the end of the day for what I’m most grateful for that day. But I never do. So how has it been going for you? I hope well.


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